Premier Safety Compliance Program

The Premier Safety Compliance Program is a cost-effective approach to meeting all DOT safety regulatory requirements. You will have the advantages of a totally inclusive program, allowing you to concentrate on overall operations and allowing safety personnel to be more interactive and safety performance oriented.

Not only does the program handle your paperwork and compliance review, we will also represent your company in the event of an audit.

The program is set up in several segments begining with an on-site regulatory and safety assessment.

On-Site Regulatory and Safety Assessment

The On-Site Regulatory and Safety Assessment is similar to a DOT audit in that we cover all areas subject to regulatory review. We provide a program to assist your company in compliance and maintenance of a satisfactory rating. Areas and practices included in the audit:

  • Financial Responsibility
  • Hiring procedures
    -Background checks
    -Orientation and Training
  • Drug and Alcohol Program
  • Hazardous Materials (if applicable)
  • Hours of Service
    -Log auditing
    -Dispatch procedures
  • Accidents
    -Reporting and ledgering
    -Record Keeping
  • Maintenance & Inspection Procedures
Driver Qualification Files

The Premier program provides for Professional Support Services to provide you with a complete set of customized driver file forms and a program to pre-print driver file forms to ease the qualification process. You will not have to purchase driver file packages, but can make copies within your office on an as needed basis.

Driver Files will be maintained by Professional Support Servies at our Greensboro facility. The files will be scanned into our computer system and the client will have access to their files on-line through our secure website You may view or print any file or portion needed.

PSS will provide the following on a monthly basis:

  • List of driver with expiring documents
    -Annual Reviews
    -Haz-Mat Training

Should your company be audited by Federal Highway or State DOT we will transport your original files to your site and assist you during your audit. (The electronic copy meets all requirements but is new technology and some auditors prefer to see actual hard copies)

Policy and Safety Manuals

Professional Support Services will customize and provide both a Safety Manual and Policy Manual. We utilize clients to assist in compiling policies specific to your company. The policy manual will include chapters in the following areas:

  • Accident Investigation & File Tracking
  • Cargo Handling
  • Defensive Driving
  • Dispatch Operations
  • Driver & Customer Service
  • Driver Employment Status
    -Orientation & Training
    -Qualification & Hiring
    -Recruiting & Retention
  • Safety Records
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Fire Prevention
  • General Facility
  • Haz-Mat
  • Hours of Service
    -Drivers Logs
    -Log Auditing
  • Multiple-Employer Driver
  • Roadside Inspections
  • Safety Guidelines and Procedures
  • Sexual & other types of Harassment
  • Vehicle Breakdown & Road Repair
  • Vehicle Maintenance

Your company will receive a printed copy of the policy manual along with a copy on diskette. The diskette will allow further customization and update.

Drug and Alcohol Program

Under the Premier Program, Professional Support Services maintains a database of all current drivers and submits a random list to you company on a quarterly or monthly basis for selection of drivers to be drug and alcohol tested.

Your company forwards test results to Professional Support Services for maintenance in a secure system. Professional Support Services will provide your company with quarterly and annual reports that meet the regulatory guidelines.

  • Professional Support Services will monitor the number of random tests given to ensure proper percentages are being met. We will also assist on a 24 hour basis in providing collection site locations across the United States in the event of an accident requiring testing.
  • Professional Support Services will provide a written Employee Assistance Program that is incorporated in a "Driver Information Package" that is required to be given to all CDL drivers.
  • Professional Support Services will also provide the 60 minutes of alcohol and 60 minutes of drug use recognition training required of all persons in direct supervision of CDL drivers.
  • Professional Support Services will train, if required, personnel in the proper procedures of collection of drug and alcohol specimens.
  • Professional Support Services will provide forms (master copies) needed to administrate a drug and alcohol program.
Driver Log Auditing

The Premier Program is priced to audit all drivers logs and provide a written management report to the client and a letter outlining violations to the drivers. This service is based on the number of drivers at the time of the contract and takes into consideration turnover and training.

  • The client will submit drivers logs on a monthly basis to Professional Support Services
  • Professional Support Services will electronically audit the individual logs and return the reports to the company in a timely manner.
  • Professional Support Servcies will audit a set percentage of the logs for falsification each month. We will audit these against any two types of documents presented by the company.
  • Driver log auditing can also be provided a la carte. Clients can be billed by number of driver logs submitted each month.
Accident Recording, Assesment and Monitoring

Our accident program is designed to assist the client in proper recording, investigation and overall assessment of their safety program. Through this program the company is provided with procedures and forms for proper record keeping from the moment the company is advised of an accident, to the investigation and later overall assessment to determine countermeasures the company may take to prevent accidents from occuring in the future.

  • Professional Support Services provides master forms that cover
    -Recording of initial call
    -Investigation and follow up
    -Accident ledger
    -Accident assessment
  • Professional Support Services can provide an annual assessment and countermeasures report.
Maintenance Program

DOT requires that all vehicles maintained or in the control of a motor carrier must be serviced and a copy of these service records retained for determined periods of time. These records are required to include certain information and schedules of repairs and maintenance programs. Our program supplies the company with files that meet the regulatory guidelines and we will assist in maintenance of required records.

  • Professional Support Services provides a file for each vehicle meeting basic regulatory guidelines.
  • Professional Support Services provides master files that can be copied and used in the administration of the maintenance program.
Periodic Visits

Professional Support Services will visit the Client on a no less than quarterly basis. One visit per year will be devoted to conducting of a mock DOT audit. Other visits will be used for training, safety meetings and updating of the program. Some of the training programs available are:

  • Administering of Drug/Alcohol program
  • Communication and Driver Retention
  • Drivers Logs and Hours of Service
  • Defensive Driving for CDL Driver
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Speed and Space Management
  • Driver Fatigue
  • What to do if an accident occurs
  • Accident Free Backing
Consulting Services and Audit Assistance

Through the Premier Program, Professional Support Services is able to monitor your company's compliance status and keep you, the client, advised. We will also be better prepared to represent your company in the even of a DOT audit. We will know your overall compliance strengths and can present them in your best interest, We are also very experienced in the FMCSA audit procedures and can assist you in making sure the audit goes smoothly and accurately.

Should your company have compliance issues or questions, Professional Support Services is as close as your phone.

  • Professional Support Services will perform an ongoing review of regulated areas and provide you with a report including status updates from DOT
  • Professional Support Services will conduct an annual Mock DOT audit
  • Professional Support Services will provide an ongoing telephone consulting service in FMCSA regulated areas